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“Who gives a fuck about movies?!”

I’d like to think that Mindy is just like me fr but now I think she would hate me for having a letterboxd account…

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Sometimes I’m hesitant on giving movies 5 stars, but sometimes you just need to stop worrying and love movies.

I loved a lot of things so I’ll try to keep my thoughts as organized as possible, but no promises!

And of course I have to start with the opening scene! The whole I watched the Scream franchise for the first time last year was because of the news that Samara Weaving was set to appear in Scream 6. Obviously she didn’t end up having a very big role, but it was still fun to see her. 

But in regards to the actual events of the opening scene, it was fantastic. I absolutely loved that a Ghostface was revealed and that we got a look into their planning. Tony Revolori did a great job with limited screen time, and having a Ghostface kill another Ghostface (in costume) was awesome.

Next, The Core Four. I already loved Mindy and Chad from Scream 5 but seeing them get a lot more screentime in this movie was fantastic. They have great chemistry with Sam and Tara and I’m very happy they live to scream another day. Seems like Dewey’s survival powers have been passed onto Chad. I was also really happy that Tara was a big part of this movie, because for as much as I love Jenna Ortega, Tara didn’t have much to do in Scream 5. And I already really liked Sam from the previous movie and she was just as great here. 

In terms of the legacy characters, I was really happy to see Kirby again, and I was even happier that she survived. Her interactions with Gale were great and I loved that she was still a big horror fan and bonded over that with Mindy. She was the best part of Scream 4 and bringing her back was great decisionS While Gale wasn’t in this movie very much, her scene with Ghostface was awesome. I was surprised to learn that she had survived as I felt like that scene worked as a death scene but I’m not opposed to her being in the next movie.

And finally, let’s talk Ghostface. Once the action starts it’s pretty much nonstop until the end, and it’s all great. From the bodega to the ladder to Gale’s apartment and of course the Ghostface shrine, there are many great chases and kills that were a blast to watch. 

I was fully confident that the killers would be Ethan and Anika, but it turns out I was only 50% correct. I guess 33% would be more accurate…

3 Ghostfaces! They finally did it!

I really wasn’t expecting Detective Bailey or Quinn at all, and the connection to Richie was a big surprise. 
I’ve seen people online not liking Detective Bailey as a Ghostface but I thought he was fun. Very much a combination of Mrs. Loomis and Mickey, which makes a lot of sense considering the many parallels to Scream 2 seen in this movie.

And the best part of having 3 Ghostfaces is getting 3 brutal deaths, especially Detective Bailey. That had to have been like 30-40 stabs lol

Overall, I really really loved this movie. While I also love Scream 1, 3, and 5, I never had an “oh shit” or “get hype” moment watching those, while with this one I did, and that’s basically why I’d rank it as my favorite Scream movie. Let’s hope 7 is just as great!


Some bonus thoughts:

-Ghost Billy is fun, idc what anyone says
-Roman mentioned, Jennifer Jolie drawing and Scream 3 voice changer spotted!!!
-I don’t remember Josh Segarra’s character’s name. I actually liked him, but since I was never suspicious of him at any point I guess I paid less attention to him.
-Red Right Hand needle drop MULTIPLE TIMES
-Before going to see the movie I thought I had seen a spoiler that said Anika was a Ghostface, but I guess that person must’ve been trolling or something lol
-can you guys suggest some other positive words I can use in my reviews? I feel like I use great, fantastic and amazing too many times and it feels repetitive. Or is that just me and you guys reading don’t even notice… let me know!

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