Se7en ★★★★★

Part of The December Project: My Waterloo.

Skyfall is brilliant. It was loved by many, including myself. However I do not think that it will ever be hailed as a classic. In 20 years time it will be just another Bond film. All be it a very good one.

Seven, however, IS a classic.

David Fincher has produced some serious film making in his career. He will never top this. It is his best film. Seven's genius is in its darkness. The dark music that runs throughout gets right in your mind and refuses to leave, add this to the 'are my TV contrast settings correct?" near constant shadow, and it creates one hell of a mood. But it's real genius, such simplistic genius, is that it is set in a non de script city. It could have happened anywhere. Fincher's genius. He also shows more talent in that opening credit sequence than many directors will muster in their career.

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freedman handle their roles well, but they are not amazing. Do not be fooled. It is Kevin Spacy who steals the show here, as we all know.

Seven is a phenomenal movie. One of the best horror films ever made. It saves its truly shocking moments until the very end. By that time you k ow you are watching something truly special.

The only thing that lets it down? Se7en.

It's Seven.

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