The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ★★★★★

Well, holy shit.

The Hobbit is phenomenal.

That is something I never expected, mainly due to some recent reviews i have read. Personally, I loved it.

I saw it in HFR 3D. I am not educated enough in the format to know quite how different it will look to the normal format. From my view today, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey looks out of this world. And for a story that is set out of this world, it fits perfectly. The style does take a little getting used to. The 3D adds a depth to the picture that has only ever came across in animated movies thus far. The floaty, dream-like camera work, the beautiful sets and scenery and the aforementioned depth give everything a cartoon feel. It looks totally different from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. In fact it looks different to everything. It looks stunning.

You know, it looks so good, the special effects, so brilliant, that it wouldn't really matter who you got to perform the words. But we get a selection of fine actors delivering these ridiculous lines with Shakespearean want. There is a mix of comic characters, the doe eyed innocent ones and the hard fighting ones. It's a gang I can easily be swept along with.

The Hobbit certainly is epic, as we have come to expect, but it never outstays its welcome. In fact I could have watched more. It's funny in all the right places, but you may not have a chance to laugh, as you will no doubt be speechless due to the remarkable landscapes.

It's fucking wonderful.

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