Annette ★★★★½

'Annette' is a musical epic, combining beauty with darkness while never shying away from experimental filmmaking. The experimental nature of the film not only makes it a refreshing experience for the movie musical landscape, but it highlights Henry's confusing relationship with the concept of love.
Henry is a dirtbag stand-up comedian in love with Anne, a successful opera singer. Show business is centered in 'Annette', but success is not the shining light it is shown to be in the majority of musicals. Henry's obsession with it leads to his downfall. Of course, this is a good tragic concept in and of itself, but Carax amplifies the tragedy with fantastical editing and cinematography.
Success is a vague concept. In cinema, the best way to convey the unclear nature of a concept and its effects on the characters is to show it in an abstract way. That's why the music and dreamlike scenes in 'Annette' work so well. It allows us to enter Henry's world through his abstract ideas of success and love. Although we may not love Henry as a person (at least I don't), we have a deep understanding of the character that brings great interest into the story.
'Annette' is overflowing with ideas, yet it is expertly crafted, bringing a fulfilling experience rather than an overwhelming one.

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