Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

I’ve realised I’ve slowly been rewatching the Before trilogy over the last year. I watched each film when I was at very different points (emotionally) and I think that solidifies why The Before Trilogy is my favourite trilogy because they are probably the most personal films to me. Im actually quite taken aback as to how each film matched what was going on in my life when I watched them and I didn’t even realise.
I watched Before Sunrise with my boyfriend of the time, I felt vulnerable showing it to him because it is just so personal to me and sharing it with him and him loving it for the same reasons I do was quite beautiful. That is a beautiful film to share with someone, especially when you are in a new relationship where you’re still discovering more and more why you love them. 

I watched Before Sunset when I had to spend some time apart from him, we were still together, but living far apart. Before Sunset was the equilibrium between being a safe film that made me feel happy and hopeful but also striking a sensitive core of how easy it is to lose someone, no matter how strong a connection is. I recently saw him about a week before I watched this after not seeing him for almost a month, so this idea of rekindling something felt very strong. We remembered how amazing it was to be together after this time apart and how special each other were, likewise to Jesse and Celine, even though no one ever really forgot. I was definitely more happy than sad when watching Before Sunset as it mainly made me thankful I had what I had. 

And I watched Before Midnight today on Valentine’s Day when I do not have that same person anymore. I’ve lost him and I’m left on my own seeing arguments unfold before me that feel all too real, it was hard to watch to be honest. I would feel ease if I still had him but I don’t, unlike Jesse and Celine, we did not make up and let our love and passion prevail. I began the film watching and smiling, reflecting upon everything with a sense of joy that made me feel warm, but then as the film progressed it got harder and harder to watch. I don’t know if it was harder to see those fights or to see the film end the way it did (happily) because I don’t have that happy ending right now. I think because of that I found myself not noticing the amazing writing or the profound nuance and ideas the film presents, I just felt the emotion of this film more so than its artistry.

This goes to show how raw, honest, true and beautiful this trilogy is. All the range of falling in love and remaining true to who you are whilst still being an individual person who operates on their own, who isn’t just an extension of another person, is captured in a way honestly like nothing else I’ve ever seen. This trilogy is a masterpiece not just within the romance genre but for cinema, a story has not been able to be carried across three equally amazing films with such beauty and grace.

I view Before Midnight as the film that stands the least on its own out of the other two of the trilogy, because you really need to go through the emotions of the first two films for this one to really hit that core, but when viewed with the trilogy, it is the most perfect round off, it couldn’t have been executed better. 

Probably the only trilogy that I judge as a whole more than any other, my favourite truly depends on my emotional state of the time and I don’t think any other trilogy has that same effect no matter how epic they are. I apologise if this review possibly came off as cringy or awkward for border lining on too personal but I wanted to review this film in that way because I really think it is a testament as to how amazing the Before Trilogy really is, no other films have an effect on me in this way, none. 

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