Carol ★★★½

One of those beautifully tragic films, or tragically beautiful I don’t know which fits more.

Not the story of a relationship, the rare capturing of connection.

A simple narrative it may be, it is still incredibly powerful in what it emits. Emotion underscores this entire film so that you really feel what these characters are feeling right from when you meet them. You don’t need to know everything about them to feel the empathy that comes with the weight of the events that unfold. Goes to show what an intricately crafted this film is, with a perfect creation of time and place we understand the world we are about to plunge into. The nuanced script and brilliant performances really do make this film shine, I felt every single moment. Carol isn’t the type of the film that makes you cry or rip into your insides and invade your senses but it instead slowly fills you and therefore slowly tears away at you which makes you think about what you’re watching even more.

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