Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★★

What a brilliant film. Hitchcock in every sense of way. An evil force that feels way too close to home, proving that no one can protect themselves from what evil human nature can wreck, a vivacious female lead that is the one and only Grace Kelly and a narrative that is nothing but nail biting from start to finish. This is an interesting crime mystery film from Hitchcock because much like Rope the audience is kept in the loop and given all the information as to what is going on from the beginning. So the suspense comes not from who dunnit but if the who in question will be found out and justice will be served. At first glance it doesn’t seem that this approach will provide for an engaging film but of course this is Hitchcock, who knows his audience like no other director out there, so this assumption is put to bed right from the get go. 

Hitchcock really is one of my favourite directors and I binged quite a good chunk of his films a while back but ran out of films available to me so I haven’t watched any of his filmography for quite some time. I’m very glad I rented this film because I almost forgot that a good Hitchcock film allows me to escape into his world and escape my own, which is what I definitely needed.

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