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This review may contain spoilers.

Made me want to hug all of my family members.
The hype is definitely real, A24 really deliver with this simple yet powerful film. I knew what happened so the whole first part whilst they were in Room felt a bit dragged out to me but I feel like if I didn’t know they got out it would feel like a good piece of contained drama before the narrative switch. Either way this film is brilliant at creating atmosphere and evoking emotion, the way it captures the characters surroundings along with the subtle yet prominent use of technical aspects is incredibly immersive even though we are just being shown incredibly mundane things. Therefore, it goes without saying that on a directional note this is absolutely brilliant and I do think it’s a great example of just a really well made film, doesn’t make any bold choices but gets everything right so that you’re constantly engaged and you’ve come out watching it feeling something. The resonating ability isn’t insanely profound but it’s definitely present. There were moments that made me really relish my childhood and my innocence and I did not expect that to happen. I was literally almost reduced to tears when Jack was just running with the dog and then when it cut to just him on the swing, they’re such little things but they feel so powerful in that moment and highly relatable in such a mundane yet cathartic way. This is definitely a very emotionally driven film and I think the way the visuals and actions evoke so much emotion is absolutely brilliant. Not the best of A24 movies but it’s 100% up there.

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