Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★

I wasn’t taken aback at the greatness of this film until I finished watching it. I’ve heard a lot about Synecdoche, New York therefore I thought I’d be aware I was viewing greatness as I watched it but I didn’t. I thought this meant that this film didn’t resonate with me as it should but I now see it was because I experienced this film instead of watching it.
This film is one of the most brutal as it is the most true exploration of one’s self as it does not hold back in the darkness of solitude and the emotions that comes with it. Questions of death, existence and the meaning of life drive the plot allowing it to resonate with you continually, it’s because of this that the film is able to hit the core of you and ultimately rip it to shreds.
The film is a look through Caden’s eyes which makes for a fast forward haze approach to the structure which maximises the power of the experience. Sometimes it was jarring how quickly time went by and the confusion that continually arose in the peculiarity embedded throughout, however you can just not fault the poetic notion as it is so incredibly rich. The writing is completely raw, soul-destroying and devastatingly beautiful which is also reflective of the film as a whole. Yes I agree with everybody else, it must be seen.

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