Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★½

A deeply sensual coming-of-age story centered around a beautiful summer love story, what's perhaps most interesting about the film is how internal the conflicts are. There are, undoubtedly, societal pressures that dictate much of the characters' behaviors, but the movie rightly chooses to focus on the inherent courage that comes with love and throwing ourselves into the whole-hearted experience of loving someone else. Let us not forget that courage comes from the French word meaning "heart" and truly Chamalet's Elio loves with all his heart and portrays the bliss and sorrow that comes with the feeling with an electrifyingly raw authenticity that makes his journey all the more deliciously bittersweet. It's not only about finding love but about finding yourself through a real experience of love. Poignant, honest and a feast for both the heart and the senses.

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