Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★½

I think this just became my favorite MCU movie. What Waititi does best is counteract the sheer lack of stakes in all of these movies and just play up the camp and entertainment factor to the maximum. It's incredibly stylish what with the phenomenal colors and funky score and it makes sure each of the multiple storylines has a rich setting that feels world-building and fascinating. The plot itself, though, feels secondary, as it's simply another entry in the MCU, so for me these films always feel kind of incomplete. In any case, unlike many of the MCU's action scenes, here these were maybe not tense but exciting and Asgardian history comes to life even in those brief moments of visual exposition, the Valkyrie flashback being a strong standout. Finally, the cast seems to be enjoying themselves and respond to Waititi's offbeat humor, resulting in the funniest and most enjoyable movie of the franchise.

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