Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder ★★★★★

“What kind of detective sleeps well?”

Poignant in its emotional perception, Memories of Murder follows a group of detectives, during the tumultuous Gwangju Uprising in the 1980’s, in pursuit of an elusive serial killer. They never seem to catch a break as every turn is met with a new obstacle — political or otherwise. 

Perfectly directed, Memories of Murder is a film about change, or rather the reluctance to, and the belief that evil is banal — a scary reality our characters must confront. The idea of ordinary people in extraordinary situations is a common theme throughout this film, and its effect is, at best, unparalleled. 

This is a cinematic achievement. It’s gripping in its presentation and striking in its reveals. It is one of the very best films ever made, and holds one of the most emotionally moving final shots in any film I’ve seen.

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