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This review may contain spoilers.

Criterion Channel Surfing #7
dir. Jafar Panahi

A bold film blurring the line between fiction and reality, The Mirror follows the story of a young Iranian girl trying to find her way home. In a bizarre twist the child actor decides she wishes to simply stop acting and quit the film altogether.

The mere fact the films two halves actually manage to work in tandem with each other is a stroke of luck. The decision to keep filming adds a deeper layer to the film itself, further exemplified by Mina’s interactions with the old woman that was on the bus, who claims her lines were not given to her, rather that they were her true life (she also throws shade at Jafar Panahi, which is pretty funny). 

It’s a wonderful experience I won’t be forgetting soon. Deep in it’s dissection, and quite humorous, The Mirror shows an appreciation for the art of film and the power it can have on an unsuspecting audience.