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  • Apocalypse Now
  • There Will Be Blood
  • A Brighter Summer Day
  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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  • Parkway Drive: Home Is For The Heartless


  • Holy Ghost


  • The Hillside Strangler: Devil in Disguise


  • 12 Hour Shift


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  • House of Hammer

    House of Hammer


    Just in case you decide to skip over this riveting docuseries about the most horrific discovery since Dahmer's human head collection, here's the gist - having a bad family makes you guilty by association (but only if they're rich and white), adults who make bad decisions are always victims, and women are completely deprived of autonomy in the overwhelming presence of wealth/fame. Welcome to the (post)modern world. Seriously, who's buying this shit? #Justice4Armie #FineYoungCannibal #NoKinkShaming

  • House of Darkness

    House of Darkness


    I'm sure a lot of people are going to hate this one, but whatever - you can't teach good taste. I could watch Justin Long's character from Tusk, which is essentially who he is in this movie, mumble through every horror scenario known to man. For me, his delivery and mannerisms are fucking hilarious. While Kate Bosworth is no Michael Parks, she chews the scenery just fine (and is obviously easier on the eyes). Also, for a Neil LaBute film,…

Popular reviews

  • Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

    Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond


    Jim Carrey: "Well... we could fire them and I could do an impression. I'm a really good impressionist and I could do a pretty good imitation of both of them, I think."

    Milos Forman: "No. I don't want to stop it. I just wanted to talk to Jim."

    Me: "You are both fucking insane and this is what art is all about!"

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    Do you guys remember how all of those teenage girls went crazy over Robert Pattinson during the Twilight years? Well that's how I feel about him after seeing Good Time. This is my favorite film of the year (so far) and it's gonna be tough to beat. Consider me an official Safdie whore.

    In Good Time, main character Connie (played to perfection by Pattinson) is a self-absorbed con-man who uses those around him for his own personal gain. This includes his mentally…