A Ghost Story ★★½

I'm pretty torn when it comes to A Ghost Story. On one hand, Lowery does a phenomenal job at provoking an emotional response through imagery and sound. The 1:33:1 rounded-corner aspect ratio definitely enhances the viewing experience and gives off the impression that you might be watching an old-fashioned moving photograph. I like that. However, on the other hand, there is absolutely nothing going on under the surface of the film (for me, anyway). What is Lowery trying to get at? Everything, places and people alike, all die? Appreciate every second of life, the good and bad? Existence is cyclical? How profound! Blah. If you can't make it intellectual, existentialism is just a hollow and boring drag - and this is coming from someone who is usually a lover of all things existential. All in all, A Ghost Story just didn't do anything for me. I felt the same way about Ain't them Bodies Saints, so for whatever reason, Lowery just doesn't resonate with me as a filmmaker. Some of the Malick comparisons are appropriate, but at least Malick (usually) has some thematic depth - Lowery seems like Malick if Malick had a man-bun/long beard combo, puffed on the E-Cig, and had an extensive vinyl collection (aka. Hipster). On the plus side, Rooney Mara feverishly devouring that pie was right up there with the egg eating scene in Cool Hand Luke. That was by far the best part of the film, so as a result, it's not really a good film.

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