Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

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Part III of Running the Franchise: Friday the 13th

Note: For this review I’m going to use my „Running the Franchise“ template.

The Film
Steve Miner, director of Friday the 13th Part 2 , returned in 1982 to direct the once again imaginatively titled Friday the 13th Part 3 . The film is a complete mess and possesses all the usual faults of the series with its thinly drawn characters, no plot to speak of and an ending that’s as drawn out as it is senseless, but nevertheless I had great fun with it.
Part 3 was released in 3D and it is really proud of its format. There is almost no scene in this movie where there isn’t some shit being shoved right into the camera and it’s gloriously stupid, but also very funny. If one would had to drink a shot every time some tool or murder weapon is being pointed in the audience’s direction, one would die of alcohol poisoning after 20 minutes.
The only variation plot-wise from Part 2 is that our protagonists aren’t counselors at Camp Crystal Lake, but rather visiting college kids at a nearby farm that want to party. Needless to say, Jason is pissed.
Throw in a motorcycle gang and amp up the insanity a bit and, voila, you get the idea of Part 3 . It’s as mindless as slashers can get, but in an entertaining way, so I’d give it a shot if you’re into these sort of films.

Death Examination
Oh boy, Part 3 delivers when it comes to amazingly insane ways to get rid of unwanted visitors. Death while walking on hands, death while reading Fangoria (!) or being crushed by Jason’s bare hands till your eyes (literally) pop out. Good times.

Jason Performance Review
Finally, he appears in his iconic hockey mask. He had to take it from one impressively annoying, juggling douchenozzle, but, hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Also, he’s now recognizably tall and not that average height hillbilly from Part 2 .

Camp Counselor Douchiness Level
Well, there are not counselors in Part 3 , but they’re still as shallow and unlikable, as they ever were. Pick your choice: Rick, the bland, sweater-clad snooze of a boyfriend, Shelly the aforementioned juggling idiot clown or Chuck, the stoner, who is friends with college kids even though he’s clearly pushing 50. However, I really liked Chris, girlfriend of Rick and our protagonist of sorts. She’s really pretty and seems pretty nice as well, which really makes her stand out here.

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