Upgrade ★★★★

A very well-executed low budget sci-fi action b-movie. Surprisingly, the first 30 minutes is character set up and world building. It was more grounded and really invested in the story. Then once the upgrade happens, it's quite satisfying and fun without winking too much at you. It just embraces its genre. STEM almost sounds like HAL, which should have tipped me off, but I was so engaged in the story that I allowed all the surprises to take its effect on me.

Logan Marshall-Green may come off as the generic Tom Hardy, but he's actually good here. His physical acting and nonchalant demeanor is top notch. There's a top henchmen that looks like Jackie Earl Haley. The fight choreography and camera work were great. The gore shots were effective as well.

Tight 90 minutes! Definitely look forward to multiple rewatches.

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