Faceless ★★★★

A total case of peanut butter and chocolate, mixing the antiseptic paranoia politics (and Brigitte Lahaie) of Rollin's Night of the Hunted with a rehash of Franco's own Awful Dr. Orloff that's been updated for the late 80s. The discordant jazz and shadowy gothic noir are both gone, replaced by a host of slick original synthpop songs and contrasting stark whites and neon reds. Maybe it's just because he was finally working with an actual budget again, but this thing feels stuffed -- finding room for not just one, but THREE mad surgeons (including a cameo by Dr. Orloff himself) that all feel pulled from earlier Franco WIP and horror movies. While lacking the unhinged spark of Franco's most inspired work, this more than makes up for it with so much legitimately gross gore and voyeuristic style. How much do you think Telly got paid to stand around in that one room for a day?

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