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  • Mommie Dearest

    Mommie Dearest


    It's certainly entertaining, but can something this upsetting and depressing really be camp? S/o to Faye Dunaway for channeling Desperate Living Mink Stole throughout.

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Drop Dead Gorgeous


    A good example of why straight filmmakers really shouldn’t try going for camp.

  • Girl 6

    Girl 6


    Spike Lee’s The Watermelon Woman

  • Disclosure


    This is very much the trans equivalent to the film adaptation of The Celluloid Closet -- it's shallow and scattershot, more focused on reinforcing an already established canon rather than elevating films from the past that could be empowering to people, had they not fallen into obscurity. Would something like The Queen even be so prominently featured here had it not been restored last year?

  • Linda/Les and Annie

    Linda/Les and Annie

    Some of the terminology and humor — not to mention the focus on surgery and genitalia — is obviously very dated, but this was actually really sweet.

  • Sluts & Goddesses Video Workshop

    Sluts & Goddesses Video Workshop

    “What if Laurie Anderson hosted a sex workshop?”

    Barring some unfortunate orientalism, this was great — playful, funny, sex positive, and surprisingly experimental. Great Pauline Oliveros soundtrack, too.

  • You Don't Nomi

    You Don't Nomi

    Room 237, but a whole lot less cringey.

  • Fertile La Toyah Video Magazine #2: The Kinky Issue!

    Fertile La Toyah Video Magazine #2: The Kinky Issue!

    Entertaining, but skirts dangerously close to 90s edgelord territory with segments featuring G.G. Allin, Ron Athey, and Kembra Pfahler (the latter two of whom I love), and a comic re-enactment of an actual murder on live TV. Still, I wish there were a dozen more issues of these video magazines.

  • Fertile La Toyah Video Magazine: Inaugural Issue

    Fertile La Toyah Video Magazine: Inaugural Issue

    Vaginal Davis, Rick Castro, and Uptown Suzy Brown taking to Santa Monica Blvd. in the middle of the night to document streetwalker fashions is my posi-vibe version of Hustler White. Further proof that Vaginal is the chaotic good version of RuPaul (who also makes an appearance in one segment).

  • Coming Out

    Coming Out

    Most of this footage wound up in both Passing Strangers and Gay USA (the black-and-white flashback sequence), but there's something so cheery about the way it's presented here -- a professional, yet clearly handmade home movie documenting San Francisco's first-ever Gay Freedom Day parade made by a group of friends, set to stolen CSNY and Beatles tracks. Much more interesting than Pat Rocco's newsreel-style parade films.

  • Frisk



    Parker Posey being filmed in Pixelvision murdering a teen while a Coil song plays is the most 90s thing ever and I'm completely for it.

  • Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street

    Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street

    This is totally likeable and very much in the same vein as a Jeffrey Schwarz doc, but the structure is a mess -- in many ways it feels like a short that's been padded, and then padded again, and then padded again to make feature length.