Lazarus ★★★★★

I'm so happy that I got to watch Lazarus. It is well shot, every single frame is outstanding and I just love the sound editing. Lazarus has such a powerful soundtrack! So much detail went into sound editing, especially at the beginning, when you are just very sensitive to every little noise and pay attention to every single detail. In the beginning, I thought of nothing but: "What is going on? What is happening? I just want to understand!" Just to clarify, I'm not that kind of person that asks questions at the movies, I keep them for myself. But you are just very curious and try to understand as much as possible in such a short timeframe that is 10 minutes. WHICH IS A GOOD THING! That means you are paying attention.

The message of this story is really emotional and important. Both actresses did an amazing job of transporting the emotions, both verbally and silently. The little special effects butterfly astonished me as well, it looked really well done, which just rounds off Lazarus.

And don't forget: never crush a butterfly.