Tenet ★★★★½

tenet is quite simply this decade's inception. a fast-paced, high concept action movie densely packed with details that make it ripe for infinite rewatches and over-analysis, i can already imagine new, intricate fan theories continuing to pop up about this movie in, like, 2026.

this film's greatest achievement is in its writing, as nolan's ability to translate such a head-spinning premise into a riveting story is once again spectacular, but there's so many other good things coming together all at once in this one.

ludwig göransson is definitely solidifying himself as one of my favorite film composers, his music brings so much energy to the story. plus, the final sequence had a lot of fun musical cues that even incorporated it as an element of the cinematic language in this film's truly head-spinning finale.

the stuntwork is insane, and it's absolutely maddening imagining how they had to perform these stunts as if they were moving backwards. not to mention, in an extra i saw, they apparently even had kenneth branagh saying his lines backwards??! how do these ideas even go from the script to the screen. not only to come up with the idea for such a scene, but to train the actors for it and to film it so that forwards-through-time and backwards-through-time entities interact naturally is just so beyond me.

tenet is full of technical ingenuity that matches the creative ingenuity of the writing, and it's a marvel. easily my most exciting movie experience of 2020.

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