Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ½

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This review may contain spoilers.

My first deliberate hate-watch of the year. Emerald Fennell boneheads her way through the patriarchy with a crock of white liberal feminist bullshit holding its characters in such utter contempt, including and especially Nina, characterised simply as the rape victim, whose only narrative purpose is shock factor and to give background for our main character, who is also unceremoniously killed once her storyline is up - in fact, the sequence in which this happens focuses completely on the killer himself, and the crazy emotions he must be feeling! And even past that, it can't be fucked to tell anything resembling a compelling story, all of the characters are lame archetypes that even the most jaded of viewers would be able to light-heartedly scold whilst probably secretly feeling sort of bad for them because of the hard times they must be going through. There's no interesting critique here - everyone that the audience is supposed to be angry at is so laboriously overexaggerated that it renders any grander societal critique entirely useless, because people don't fucking talk like this in the real world. The culture Fennell is criticising has become far more devious since, say, the height of the Tumblrites, so a film of this calibre is an utter nothing. And THEN the moral that comes from the story, I guess, is that, after you've been raped or been majorly traumatised by someone else's rape, the most morally righteous thing you can do is die, and let those ol' reliable police sort everything out. I feel a bit sick.

Oh, and any positives that may have come from having a Carey Mulligan lead performance are immediately and completely nullified by having that anus Bo Burnham in your movie (speaking of, all of the film's attempts at humour are about as funny as his 'stand-up'). Mainstream cinema is dead, and there is very little to mourn.

Certainly one of the most socially irresponsible smirking revenge girlboss movies of the past couple decades. But Letterboxd will eat it up.

I can't be bothered to rate movies that I hate any more than half a star anymore.

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