Eternals ★★★★★

okay okay okay it’s been an hour since i walked out of that cinema and just … tried to collect my thoughts regarding this movie. I don’t really listen to critics, but the growing bad reviews of this movie made me nervous but I was really proven wrong. Like, Chloé Zhao exceeded every single one of whatever expectations I had with this movie. I adored the storyline and its little twists, the visuals were some of the best i’ve ever seen in a marvel movie, the acting, score and effects were so nice and well done, and the whole movie was so engaging and fun to watch and it really pulled me in from the very first second. It was genuinely an amazing movie, and i will tell anyone to NOT listen to whatever bad reviews the critics are posting about it and just make up your own mind about the movie when you go and see it. For me personally, it was not ‘boring’ or ‘bland’ or ‘awful’. For me, it was beautiful and moving and I absolutely loved it 😁

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