Caitlin Cait

Caitlin Cait

i’m just here to read bubble boy reviews when i’m sad

my rating system makes little to no sense whatsoever

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  • Alien³



    it’s behind you lmao

  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    The Last Black Man in San Francisco


    often in film i have noticed a rise in stories that are very focused on setting and connections to people and places. often these films can be lifeless, with grey colour grading and no real thought put into the visual and auditory aspects - instead choosing to focus on performances that carry the story which ultimately causes the film to lose its soul as the audience can’t connect with the setting, and therefore doesn’t connect with the characters. the last…

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  • The Goldfinch

    The Goldfinch


    you may be thinking: “cait, 5 stars is awfully generous. you don’t even rate your favourite films 5 stars” and you’re right. however, i will not be elaborating any further

  • Lemonade Mouth

    Lemonade Mouth

    i haven’t watched this since 2012 i’m just here to promote the determinate x wap mashup