A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★½

A Quiet Place is one of the most unique and creative ideas I’ve seen in a while, and I’m happy to say the execution lives up to the premise.

Even though there’s a revolt against jump scares nowadays - claiming they’re cheap and overused - I think Krasinski uses them perfectly. There were a couple times when I cringed because I was sure a scare was coming, then it didn’t, so I let my guard down and got really surprised when something else went down two seconds later. The build up and score only added to the tension, and I was genuinely freaked out for a good chunk of the movie.

It’s a very well directed film visually too. The aliens are really freaky and well-designed, there are a lot of beautiful shots, and the whole world this family has built is really interesting and well thought out. Credit to Krasinski for all the foreshadowing though. Some of it is pretty obvious, but there were some more clever things I didn’t pick up on until I left the theater.

However, what makes this movie stand out is the dramatic side of it. Even though it’s not as ambitious with its themes as Get Out, I love how it went so small-scale and really honed in on the family elements of the apocalypse. The relationships are very well fleshed out considering how little dialogue there is. You can really see Krasinski’s passion and his vision, and almost every single emotional moment was done perfectly. The performances across the board are really solid, especially by the child actors. The chemistry they share as a family is so real, and it takes a lot of talent to show that without words.

Despite the short run time, it’s not really that tightly paced, and I feel like the world wasn’t as complete as I would’ve liked. There were some confusing moments, eye-rolling moments and some pretty gaping plot holes, but I had a good enough time to overlook them.

I really like seeing comedic TV actors like Krasinski and Peele venturing into Hollywood horror. It’s always nice having a charismatic and passionate person behind the camera, and I hope that Get Out and A Quiet Place are just the beginning.

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