"I'm the sheep that got lost, Madre"


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  • The Secret of Convict Lake


  • Miracle Mile


  • The Fabelmans


  • Little Odessa


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  • Naane Varuvean

    Naane Varuvean


    Good movie just not deranged enough

  • Thief



    I relate to drinking coffee late at night

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  • Alone



    I take the biggest L for finishing the wrong Alone movie from 2020

  • Vada Chennai

    Vada Chennai


    3rd time and I still love, love it. Wanting to see more of a 3-hour film is a compliment, but picking up on details that were small as lingering background information that adds a ton to the film.

    Everyone in the film is incredibly strong and real in their performances, Dhanush as the reluctant Anbu might be one of his most incredible subtle performances on screen, even in the latter portion, Dhanush does so much with just facial expression to…