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My ratings system:
5 stars- Life changing cinema
4 stars- Has moments of transcendence that raise it above the ordinary
3 stars- Perfectly serviceable/enjoyable…

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  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan


    Not sure what I can say about this one that you haven't heard before. Definitely the best zombie film of the last decade and probably one the top 5 ever made. The claustrophobic setting, the linear story (both figuratively and literally), the characters that are instantly recognizable as "types" but nonetheless you come to feel deeply for (and in one case, despise), the commentary on the human nature and spirit in a disaster; all add up to make this a nerve wracking but, ultimately, moving film.

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    Just goes to show you that isolation, religious fanaticism, and family are all scarier than any witch, real or imagined.

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  • Get My Gun

    Get My Gun


    Has a lovely set up t the start that makes you wonder what is going on. Then it goes back and tells you. It plays out very well until maybe the last 15 minutes and then some really questionable (and physically unbelievable) choices get made and a glaring plot point is left unresolved so you have a hard time seeing how it dovetails into the opening scenes. Hard to rate this one because I did enjoy the performances and the dialogue but it left me scratching my head more than entertained.

  • Hit the Ice

    Hit the Ice


    The boys do a Sonja Henie film without Sonja Henie. Snow based hijinks abound but it's all pretty middling. It is nice to see Sheldon Leonard doing his tough guy act that would make him a staple on 50's and 60's tv.