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This review may contain spoilers.


seriously. whether you were a fan of the theatrical cut or not, see this and be healed from your grief.

Some thoughts for this go-round:

1. We have a say in our future. Others will try to say otherwise but this is always a lie. We can choose. We can feel our feelings. We have the right.
2. We cannot heal from grief without empathy. Empathy leads to understanding, which leads to letting go.
3. The Swedes are not the villains here. Selfishness, greediness, insincerity, and dishonesty are. The Non-Swedes embody this, and thus suffer. Suffering itself is meaningless, but the Swedes have learned it to be part of the natural cycle of life and death, whereas the Americans and Brits (minus Dani) fight it at every turn and lose.

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