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After all the hype on this site about Green Room, I finally got the chance to see it, and I have to say it does not disappoint. It is the most intense film I have seen this year and once it really gets going it just doesn't let up for a second.

Green Room follows a punk rock band as they end up performing at a skinhead club, once the concert finishes the band uncover a brutal murder, and Darcy (Patrick Stewart) the owner of the club comes to the conclusion that all of the band must be eliminated. From then on the film becomes a brutal game of cat and mouse.

The film actually spends the first act just setting up the chain of suspense that's about to happen and then once it really kicks in Green Room is unrelenting to say the least and it's extremely violent. Not one for the squeamish.... it is unpleasant to look at, particularly one scene involving a mutilated arm! It definitely doesn't hold back, but I don't think it's gratuitous either. It definitely has a purpose in the film and it really adds to the unrelenting amount of tension.

Patrick Stewart is excellent in this film and really is unrecognisable in this type of role as the Nazi club owner Darcy. Every scene he's in always feels like a presence, but he never actually steals the limelight, and I've seen some say he's under-utilised because of that, but he's constantly threatening in this movie for me. Definitely one of his best roles.

Imogen Poots as one of the band members Amber, is completely badass throughout out as well and you definitely don't want want to get at the wrong side of her when she's holding a box-cutter :/

The film has a great look to it, it looks distinctive with a lot of the colour scheme living up to the films name and it really does live up to the films name. Plus the film uses a lot of punk music and thrash metal to which is played at the club in the background and I definitely found myself head banging to the Slayer song on there. These elements definitely add to the tone of the film in my opinion.

Green Room is tightly edited to a lean 94 minutes giving little to no time for filler and it gives you very little time to breathe. It is relentless and at times terrifying. Jeremy Saulnier definitely looks like a director to watch out for because he clearly knows what he's doing behind a camera and this is an excellent follow up to his previous film Blue Ruin.

P.S. Iron Maiden is totally my desert island band \m/

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