Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

As horror sequels go, I definitely think Scream 2 is definitely one of the better examples out there. By definition the sequel is not as good as as the original, and sometimes I feel like the movie acknowledges this a tad too much, to the point where it does kinda implode on itself a little.

Despite this though it definitely has its moments, the film starts with an idea I actually thought was really clever, where Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) cashed in on the events from the previous movie, where she writes a novel about the Ghostface murders, and it becomes so popular it leads to an on screen adaptation simply called 'Stab'.

Mental note: that opening scene is my idea of a nightmarish cinema experience.... and I'm not just talking about the murders that happen at the screening either!! After the premiere of 'Stab', it becomes apparent that there is a copycat murder on the loose, which recycles the plot quite a lot but still adds something new to the series.

The best thing about the film for me was the clever social commentary on how idiots somehow draw to the conclusion that the movies are to blame for the murders etc. (Which unfortunately has actually backfired on the Scream franchise in real life since, but I digress). It also make a point on how a lot of horror movies that are 'Based on a true story' trivialises the actual event for the sake of entertainment.

I also like the fact that they went with the same writer and director from the film and also managed to bring back the main players from the first film such as Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox, and Jamie Kennedy. I liked how they progressed Gale Weathers in the this one. Shes still hungry for the fame at the start, just like she was in the first. At first I did find it a bit recycled, but I do like how you notice a change in her over time. Courtney Cox is just great in this movie :)

I didn't actually mention David Arquette or Jamie Kennedy's performances in my review in the first film largely because I was suspecting both Dewey and Randy in the first film. Tbh, I just find Jamie Kennedy obnoxious as a comedic performer to be honest, I didn't like him in the first film, and I didn't like him here either. David Arquette fares much better though as he is just completely likeable as the doofus Dewey.

Now for my biggest problems with the film, is that it simply doesn't have the spark the first film has, largely because the pacing is uneven, and it does feel like the story is recycled. For me the reveal scene had absolutely no impact on me. In the first film, even if it wasn't completely shocking, it worked so well because you actually spend time with the villains in the first film giving them the chance to make an actual impression. Here, maybe I need to rewatch this again, but when the killer was revealed I had to jog my memory as I was thinking "who was this again?'. The villains are forgettable in this one.

On the whole despite its flaws, I did enjoy this second one very much. It still has the smart writing from Kevin Williamson and the excellent direction from the late Wes Craven. If you loved the first, this is definitely worth seeing :)

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