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  • Abducted in Plain Sight

    Abducted in Plain Sight


    This true crime documentary is one of the most frustrating that I've watched. These parents were so insanely gullible that makes you worry for their ability to even just care for themselves much less young kids.

    Maybe that was a little harsh of me, but a man kidnapped their daughter and their response was to continue to hangout with him and both parents separately carried on sexual relationships with the guy who took their kid ... then he abducted her again!!

    Ugh it was tough to watch at times just from getting so upset.

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    Not that long ago I accepted a mission, and that mission has led me to this -- the most recent entry into the Mission: Impossible franchise.

    I keep debating between 4 stars and 4.5 stars, it'll probably take another viewing or two before I can truly decide. Mission: Impossible - Fallout is my personal favourite out of the 6 films so far, they really amped up the action for an already action packed series.

    One thing I really like is…

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  • The VelociPastor

    The VelociPastor


    Every year for my birthday I like to sit my family down and watch a terrible, awful movie that we can all riff on and just have a lot of laughs. I have spent the past year hyping up VelciPastor because I could feel in my bones just how enjoyable this movie would be.

    Well, I can say with 100% certainty that a movie about a priest who can turn into a dinosaur, hooks up with a martial arts prostitute…

  • A Creepshow Animated Special

    A Creepshow Animated Special


    I just finished watching this a few minutes ago and it's a fantastic little animated special with two well done stories.

    Shudder's Creepshow series has been great so far, even if not every story is perfect, there is still so much fun to be had especially here in this animated special. This is definitely more of a motion-comic more than a full blown animated show, which I really liked because of Creepshow's homage to horror anthology comics.

    Also, Stephen King and Joe Hill writing for Creepshow is always a treat.