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  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake

    First, the bad - David Robert Mitchell not listen to his own music or something? Gotta crib exclusively from other movies like this one? Poor form.

    Second, an admission - almost every element of this movie is completely in my wheelhouse; an awful version of this would still be at least halfway appealing.

    Third, a conclusion - I was all about this thing from the jump. It picks away at the way young men in this town chase women, fame,…

  • Missing Link

    Missing Link

    The dullest of the Laika films, still essentially alienating for children yet not suitably complex for adults. Production design the least inspired the studio has yet been.

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  • Wanda


    Last watched this back in college, in a class on the New Hollywood, and it made even EASY RIDER look digestible and safe by comparison. Even now, it's a harsh experience, not just in the narrative trajectory - Wanda's life is bad and only gets worse - but in its relentlessly unglamorous aesthetic. I don't know where the budget constraints end and the inspiration begins, but either way, most New Hollywood cinema is more romantic and classical than its revolutionary mindset would insist it to be. WANDA is none of those things. It's just unsparing and ordinary, and thus extraordinary.

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

    WONDER WOMAN is the first film in nearly a decade that gave me that feeling of inspiration I got when I really loved comic books, and reminded me what makes their simple narratives enduring and powerful. It makes goodness and decency riveting, and assumes that most people genuinely want to be good.

    It's also surprisingly romantic and playful, funny in a warm and human way free of irony or snark, and is fundamentally a story about leaving home for the…