Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

The last shot almost ruined it for me but I can't say that I didn't love it. I fully understand and feel everyone's gripes with where the films stands ideologically but I also think it's a bold (a bit too bold at times) way to deconstruct the rape revenge subgenre, with the first two acts set in a heightened reality with a very formulaic "hot girl makes creepy men shit their pants" episodic narrative (all of this intercut with a romantic subplot that made me want for Carey Mulligan to spit in my coffee) but the third act has a huge shift in tone, in a way that's reminiscent of Fat Girl or even Martyrs (albeit without the gore of those films). That shift in tone makes the film stick with you, but at what cost? Is it at the cost of the film's quality, or at the cost of its rewatchability? I don't think it makes it any worse, this is one of the most interesting and memorable films to come out of the past few years, and I think that the writer-director (whose future career I will be following with great interest) was well-meaning, this runs the risk of being misunderstood as some kind of fucked up girlboss fantasy, and, eventhough I don't see it that way, I think I can only encourage people to engage in healthy discourse about this, no matter if they loved it or hated it.

That said, I think this is probably the best film of 2020, and while my rating doesn't make it seem like I had any problems with it, I still did. I just think no other film this year (except maybe Ema) made me feel like this.

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