Vox Lux ★★★★★

I loved this gender-switched Kanye West biopic.

The classroom scene thrusts us into this other-worldly piece writer/director Brady Corbet has crafted. The opening credit sequence is one of the best credit sequences I have seen in recent time, and at the moment they ended I was completely engrossed in it, forgetting everything else.

Raffey Cassidy is sensational in this, she has the voice of an angel and the screen presence of a veteran actress. Thought she was a strong reason why this film is as good as it is. Stacy Martin is great too, and Jude Law does a lot with a rather limited screentime.

When Natalie Portman first appeared, I started freaking out a bit, something felt so off about her, but I think that's exactly what Corbet and Portman wanted to portray. A Kanye West-like popstar with no self-awareness, a person that's so broken, a diva disenchanted with her life. But, then, the ending hits you, and you see Celeste perform the final concert of her tour, and you think, wait, this is actually fun. Was I getting this wrong? Is there any hope for Celeste? And then Willem Dafoe's magnificent voice appears and I am quoting someone here, slaps your sorry ass back to depression, and makes the rest of the performance even more meaningful.

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