Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Everything Everywhere All At Once is absolutely fucking incredible. It’s an achievement. It boggles the mind just to think about the process of making this movie. There is SO MUCH. That’s really one of the best ways to describe this movie: SO MUCH. All caps. It is big. It is loud. It is bombastic. It is a two-and-a-half hour shotgun blast of maximalist energy. I mentioned in my Swiss Army Man review how my favorite art rests at the intersection of chaos and beauty, the sublime and the stupid. EEAAO perfected the balance like I’ve never seen in a movie before. It’s sheer balls-to-the-wall absurdity that never for a single moment sacrifices emotion and story-telling for the sake of that absurdity. It’s staggering to behold.

But the Daniels! Their MINDS! I’ve never seen a movie so wildly imaginative and creative and original. They take the multiverse concept to such dizzying heights and apply their manic music video energy throughout in order to create genuinely hilarious moments that had me laughing so hard I was hacking and wheezing. There are moments where I teared up because someone said something beautiful and there were moments I teared up because I was simply in awe of what was happening. There are images in this that I will never forget. It’s so fucking sad that you can have a concept like the multiverse, limited only by your imagination, and all anyone wants to do with it is play with their Spider-man action figures. The Daniels only have two movies under their belts and they already belong in any conversation about the greats of cinematic auteurs. 

On top of all that, it cannot be said enough how fucking good the main cast is. Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu, and Jamie Lee Curtis all devote themselves entirely to the premise, no matter how insane it gets, delivering unbelievably amazing performances the entire time.

Not only is EEAAO an objectively great movie, I say this without hyperbole, it may very well be my favorite movie I’ve ever seen. I can’t think of a single movie in existence that felt more like it was made specifically for me and me alone. To get into why would be getting into spoilers and you should go into this as spoiler-free as possible. You will be grateful you did once it’s over. I saw this with my friend Kayla and when the movie ended, we stared silently at the credits as they rolled by and the theater emptied out until it was just us taking in what we just saw. We had to take a good half hour walk afterwards just to gush about the movie and how life-affirming it felt. I texted my friends and called my wife and told them how good it is, then I drove home listening to Claire de Lune on repeat. It’s rare when a piece of art shakes you to your very core but it is an indescribably wonderful feeling when it happens. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted out of a movie. I want to watch it again so many times and I want every time to be in a packed theater. All the positive adjectives. So, so, so, so great.

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