Eternals ★★★½

Out of all the mediocre movies in the MCU (which is more than half of it) they had to pick the most decent one as the worst movie in the most over-exploited franchise in history?

It turned out to be better than I expected with ambitious direction, charismatic characters that I ended up liking (with the exception of one character who dies quickly on screen), a superficial respect for Jack Kirby's legacy, a remarkable imprint and impeccable visuals that are top of the franchise.

But, and here are four things I didn't like or even really disliked about the movie:

1. I'm sorry but this whole "we are gods and we could have prevented genocides, world wars, slavery but we can't do it because our God says not to" rule and excuse is a poor and disgusting excuse and a lazy way to make these characters more "cool" when they only end up creating a vibe of moral irresponsibility. It's not like they have a moral code in the first place, because they couldn't break their fucking code at some point to do some good for humanity and save the lives of millions? But nope. It ends up being much more uncomfortable than WW84's moral message.
2. They waste a lot of potential that could have created a small existential debate in this world. Plus what an exaggerated way to waste Barry Keoghan. Without spoilers, he could have been the antagonist of the story and not the grey villain of the bunch or the surprise character. At least Barry was a force that could have emotionally and mentally challenged the protagonists on the level of Thanos and Killmonger, but no?
3. The "surprise" "villain" or the big twist of the story doesn't work for several reasons, bad explanation and a stupid and not at all believable cause, a lousy execution that its conclusion is even worse, it wasn't necessary and was a waste of time and doesn't get anywhere, it makes the story more confusing and contradictory, and really? What's the point of wanting to destroy the whole planet when even you admitted you are in love with him?
4. The gray villain of the film is the typical gray villain of the film. Hilariously he only says five lines in the movie? Lol. Worst villain in the MCU and it's a shame because he may as well have just been the only antagonistic force in the story when he had a great motivation, but how did that turn out? The character is finished off by the least memorable member of the story. It's like if Bilbo from Hobbit defeated Killmonger in Black Panther and Killmonger isn't even the third villain in the movie.

It sounds very negative but it was not. The best movie of the post-EndGame era. Perhaps the most tired franchise at this point is already in decline needed a break from using the same old characters and style. A great surprise and far from the worst of the MCU even though its moral messages suck. Still hope the franchise does more of this.

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