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  • The Beast of the City

    The Beast of the City


    A precode instance of copaganda, and many parts irked me a little, but still a decent film.  Highlights were Walter Huston and Jean Harlow, but Wallace Ford was good as the corrupted younger brother of Huston’s police chief.

  • Personal Property

    Personal Property


    Entertaining, but a forgettable story.  The greatest highlight was Jean Harlow mimicking a stuffy old society man for training purposes.  Robert Taylor was gorgeous, but he was evidently such a real-life schmuck that I never manage to like him in movies.

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  • Mystery of the Wax Museum

    Mystery of the Wax Museum


    Delightfully creepy precode, with Lionel Atwill as the strange sculptor of a wax museum.  His colleague is frustrated by the lack of public interest, and sets fire to the establishment to collect on the insurance.  Igor is determined to recreate his prized figures which perished- at any cost.  Upon mysterious disappearances of bodies at a city morgue, Glenda Farrell (stunning in color) sets out to investigate.  Things take an eery, dark turn when by chance, Igor sees Fay Wray, a…

  • Lady of Burlesque

    Lady of Burlesque


    Barbara Stanwyck in those showgirl costumes made me want to give this 5 stars.  Being a huge fan of hers and of William Wellman, I was a bit disappointed by this one.  Stanwyck is absolutely scrumptious as Dixie Daisy, a headliner in a rather seedy burlesque house.  An onsite murder renders nearly everyone a suspect, and the performers are forced to defend themselves while trying to figure out who is the guilty party. 

    I’m not sure what exactly didn’t do…