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This review may contain spoilers.

"Report back to me, uh… I don't know. When it makes sense."

When Linda happens upon Ozzie's memoir, she first tries to extort Cox for money and then brings it to the Russian embassy looking for a reward. There's a certain compounding effect here in terms of both how ultimately meaningless this memoir and thus these characters' lives are and how desperately they try nonetheless to imbue that inanity with some greater sense of value. Cox wrote the memoir to fight his insecurity, Linda tries to sell the memoir to fight her insecurity, and ultimately Harry kills Brad, Linda's coworker and friend, and Ozzie kills Ted, Linda's boss and secret admirer, all because everyone's trying to invest importance in this poetic signifier of life's insignificance. An empty balloon, inflating until it bursts.

2008 | The Coen Brothers | Emmanuel Lubezki
Post-9/11 Genre Film | Patreon Bonus Content

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