Captain Marvel ★★★

Coming out of the theater, my friend compared Captain Marvel to Wonder Woman, but while the gender representation is definitely there in all its badass glowing glory, to me this felt more like the original Iron Man (which I love and feel has been somewhat forgotten in the glut of superhero cinema we're offered) through the lens of Star Trek: it has a lot on its mind about how the military industrial complex, both here on planet c-53 and in outer space, is evil, while the so-called "terrorists" are actually persecuted refugees looking for a home, and how the job of a hero isn't (merely) to punch the bad guys, it's a. to establish who the real bad guys are and b. to help the good guys in their plight. There's a specific moment toward the end (which I won't spoil) where Carol Danvers ends a confrontation by preventing and redirecting the enemy's violence rather than reproducing it in her own aggression, and it reminded me of everything I love about Captain America when he's holding the helicopter to the ground, or Superman when he's saving an airplane from crashing. These are real superheroes.

2019 ranked | Superheroes

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