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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Open on a storm drain grate, beautiful and ornate; title "Carol" appears over it and then fades slightly, invisible over the grate. Crane up through the crowd of people walking around, oblivious of the beauty right beneath their feet.

Close on Therese Belivet, beautiful and in love; Carol appears in front of her and then smiles slightly, invisible next to her dinner guests. Walk forward through the crowd of people eating, oblivious of the beauty in front of their eyes.

Learning to embrace the power of their own transparency. Overcoming personal alienation and adopting the mantle of social alienation. Two outsiders creating their own inside; belonging together apart from everyone else.

We are all storm drains.

Also, the second time through this, the score broke me almost immediately. As much as I can analyze it, my response to Carol is immediate and emotional in a way I haven't experienced since maybe Be Kind Rewind (which helped me through a period of panic attacks). Like Therese, my Carol needs to constantly ask me what I'm thinking, so, also like Therese, I'm trying to learn to meet her at the dinner party.

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