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This review may contain spoilers.

Samurai honor is nothing but a facade, a series of empty gestures. Upholding this honor led a man to sell his blades and replace them with bamboo in order to survive, and, likewise, upholding this honor led a clan to force him to follow through on this disgrace, to kill himself with a dull, wooden sword. Without a war to fight, the samurai are left masterless, with no one left to honor. This honor has become pointless. It is helping no one.

And, what's more, the clan leaders themselves don't feel beholden to this honor. Stripped of their topknots by Hanshiro, they refuse to show themselves, they call in sick rather than admit their defeat and accept the same consequences they were so willing to force on Motome. They don't even believe in their own facade anymore. This is not real honor. Real honor is not embodied in ritual suicide; real honor is not harakiri. Real honor is selling your blades to support your wife and child.

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