The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski ★★★★★

"Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski! Condolences! The bums lost! My advice to you is to do what your parents did! Get a job, sir! The bums will always lose! Do you hear me, Lebowski? The bums will always lose!"

The vastness of these themes is precisely what's so intimidating about trying to write about The Big Lebowski — and what's so special about it. It's a movie about masculinity, a movie about types of movies, a movie about a specific time and place in history. In the words of Mr. Lebowski, it's a movie about a certain revolution, a failed revolution as evidenced in The Dude's comical crisis of masculinity, a failure to make the world in our own image as reflected by The Dude's verbal mimicry. But while the bums may have lost, that's not the end of hope for humanity, because for all us sinners, we can take comfort there's a dude out there taking her easy. We can assure ourselves that The Dude abides.

"I guess that's the way the whole darned human comedy keeps perpetuating itself down through the generations. Westward the wagons, across the sands of time until we… Oh, look at me. I'm rambling again."

1990s | Coens | Deakins | Neo-Noir
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