The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★★

"All my life I've felt like I was here and somewhere else at the same time."

Two Irène Jacobs; two bodies, one identity. An allegory for alienation, a soul divided between two people, a self split between two selves. This metaphor mediated through a stylistic motif of perception, seeing through eyes, lenses, windows, glasses, cameras, bouncy balls. Even the film's own visual aesthetic is thematically self-conscious, a color palette divided equally between anxious greens, sickly yellows, and warm, welcoming reds.

Our perception is our link to the world, but it also keeps us apart from it. It is a connection, but it is also a distortion, a misrepresentation, a separation not only of the self from the other but of the self from the self. People are entities composed of two parts — body and soul, inside and outside, self and perception — one of which is structurally/experientially absent, externalized. A split self, a double life; two Irène Jacobs, but one is missing.

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