Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

Post-WandaVision Marvel Rewatch

"Proud to have it, ashamed of how he got it."

Every socio-political order is sustained by the unspoken violence that founded it, the repressed revolution that brought the ruling class to power, the catastrophic price at which peace was purchased from chaos, and the more work that the sustaining ideology does to overwrite this forbidden history the harder it will come back to bite civilization in the ass.

So let go of your nation, because it's not as great as you think. Its greatness was forged of falsehoods; its greatness was built on the corpses of the powerless victims whose sacrifice made it possible. A nation's true greatness comes from the people. So fulfill the prophecy and destroy the domain founded on false pretense. Long live the New Asgardians.

2017 | MCU | Comic Books | Sci-Fi

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