Life Is Beautiful ★★★★½

bitches be like “this movie tries to make the holocaust not look as bad as it was!!” then forget abt the fucking SKELETONS SCENE

anyways.. whoo fuckin BOY this was on my watchlist for a while. needless to say, i really loved it! it took twists and turns i thought it wouldn’t dare to take, it makes you feel so many emotions all at once (plus, i sobbed like a fucking BABY at the end when guido and joshua winked at each other from a distance like that fjdksk), and it’s really just a horrific, yet a beautiful story too.

i gotta admit, this movie does kinda remind me of jojo rabbit! i understand if it feels a little too light hearted towards the end bc of its subject matter, but the allies swooping in and the holocaust ending was definitely something to celebrate, yknow?? although i wish it did dare to take on its darker/more emotional side more often, i really can’t complain too much about this movie. 

also.. hot take sorta, but roberto 100% deserved his best actor oscar here. ik ed norton was PHENOMENAL in ahx, but man...... my heart is HURTING RN


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