The Irishman ★★★★

this was definitely a bit of a weight to get through in one sitting (i watched the first thirty minutes a couple of days ago and i finished up the rest today), but it was pretty worth it.

the irishman, although definitely not scorsese’s best in my humble opinion, is a personal, emotional, and interesting joyride beyond epic proportions. the cast was great (pesci and pacino especially), the cinematography was really just stunning, and the writing near towards the end was just heartbreaking.

although i felt emotionally disconnected midway through, the entire ending really drew me back in and, in a way, felt similar to raging bull — but it seemed more like a nod to the celebration of scorsese’s legacy in cinema and how time really affected his work, which i like.

pacino probably had my favorite performance in the film too. he was so captivating and interesting as hoffa, always quick, witty, and munching on some ice cream like a whole king. as for pesci, his performance really struck a chord with me, as he remained usually subtle and wise in comparison to his usual, bad-mouthed “i’m the fuckin’ oklahoma kid!” act (which was always great though).

overall, this was a pretty great flick. i wasn’t too emotionally invested, but it was a fun watch. definitely one of the better films of 2019.


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