All Too Well: The Short Film

All Too Well: The Short Film ★★★

It’s a very pedestrian level made music video,but I can see she put a lot of thought into making this,actors are decent,quite liked Sadie Sink in all the stuff she been in so far,best thing in the fear street movies,at least Swift cast Dylan O’Brien as Jake to reflect his hotness.Like the song is good and the emotion as rang true but this kinda feels weird dragging a man who has broken up with you ten years ago and so obviously re-enact the relationship in such blatant manner,ultimately this is her side of the story I doubt Jake cares but the fans sure not gonna let anyone forget about this and it’s a very common scenario to be stuck in but nobody is at fault here and it’s twelve years ago lol,giving WKW a run for his still hang up on this guy money.

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