Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven ★★★★½

“The Farmer:I think I love you.
Abby:What a nice thing to say.”

I will try to refrain from simping for Sam Shepard too much but I never felt so instantly attracted to a movie character so much,so it goes without saying the attraction Abbey felt for him is so convincing to me,puppy eye Richard Gere may be the childhood sweet heart but he never stood a chance against that deadly jawline. Attraction aside it did not failed its reputation as one of the most beautiful picture Malick has ever made,the locust and fire scene back to back was so magnificently haunting and breathtaking,the power of Néstor Almendros ‘s images were so powerful and overwhelming it doesn’t need much of dialogue to tell this story of envy and longingness in the backdrop of Texas,I recognize it felt choppy and fragmented as a picture due to the film being shot only 20 mins a day for Malick to capture the perfect light however I truly loved the quiet and understatedness of the film even at scenes of conflicts,it’s eccentric approach made this film stood out against all these period drama of love and envy,they don’t need to say much cause the images tells its story almost completely,Malick’s trademark voice over is there but I almost loved it more when it’s just left to the images for us to contemplate,it still doesn’t beat my favorites like Thin red line and Badlands that were still grand in its scale but incredibly intimate and poetic at its core,if not for its drawbacks from some shallowey characters like Gere’s miscast character it would rivaled those,Shepard was perfect but I wish there was more to him in the story,with all that being said I think in the case of this film the visuals simply is so strong it won’t matter that much by the end,and to be fair if one is coming into a Malick film looking for a story centric picture than the person is probably doing something wrong,I can’t wait to revisit my favorite war film Thin Red Line next on my Malickrathon.

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