Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

The Daniels made the bonkers grandiosity of multiverse effortless by framing it within the scope of a Asian diaspora generational conflict,whacky gen z humor&a fantastic trio of leads led by Michelle Yeoh delivers a satisfying homerun even the biggest commercial spectacle would envy,wonderfully imaginative and thoroughly cathartic piece of genre spectacle that remained grounded in the tender nuances of a small indie family drama❤️There is a lot of wild ideas and genre tropes mixed in a in multiverse blender however I think the wonderfully down to earth performance of Michelle Yeoh playing a typical laundromat lady with a lifetime amount of regrets and unfulfillment and its sharp writing made all the madness much easier to digest.And even though there is a world ending threat,the stakes is more about the reconciliation of a dysfunctional family and searching for the existential meaning for oneself knowing billions of possible self exists out there.The visuals are imaginative and vibrant,the choreography is slick and satisfyingly packs a punch,the concepts and the bonkers universe building resembles something like the Rick and Morty’s interdimensional cable but the emotional core made all these elements gel so well together.It perhaps overused crosscutting a bit too much but then I felt it controlled the rhythm of the grand narrative across multiple universe rather well with a lot of poignancy and heart.The inventive soulful third act may on paper sound like some nice core corny philosophy but in execution it is so lovely and touching. Yeoh is brilliant here,the pain and drive she showed makes her so relatable,whichever version she plays she sold them immensely well,from elegance to goofy to badass,a wonderful showcase of her range and depth as an actor.I adored Ke Huy Quan in this film,love seeing the Daniels offering him such a meaty role that goes beyond being a quirky husband,with his subtle expressions we get a glimmer of the decades of his unresolved sadness.Stephanie Hsu shows a lot of potential in this as the daughter attempting the break free from her mother and seek her own path regardless of what it cost.The film employed visuals and movie structure of the original Matrix heavily but rather than feeling like a mere homage it builds on top of it and used them well.It understood how the gradual escalation of the hero’s journey can help ease us into a cosmic conflict so much larger than life that it could be incomprehensible if we were not on the film’s frequency.There were a few WKW homages visually and tonal wise but I felt like that's prob the weakest cinematic echoing compare to how it pays homage to the other existing classics.Overall I really loved watching this film,it's an acquired taste kinda like what a Bill&Ted movie is like stylistically and conceptually. Dan Kwan has an unique millennial asian family story that is near and dear to him but together with his creative partner Daniel Scheinert they use the creative toolbox of a grand and dazzling genre sci fi epic to tell it making it even more universal and palpable to everyone watching.

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