Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★½

Very thought provocative,confusing&surreal,sort of vibe with the meta wave link of commentary on life roles as performances and fragility of mortality,and how disillusionment wears out ppl,there’s something about the death of medium of cinema Im either too tired or stupid to comprehend but ultimately I found this incoherent journey of weird kinda fun,understanding meaning is overrated especially when you can watch one actor transform into ten different people with equally valid lives and connections where the spectrums of emotions ranging from eccentric to mundane to dramatic to sadness,falling down the absurd but somehow profound and strangely beautiful rabbit hole was quite satisfying,the casualness and smoothness of transitioning from one role to another while getting a peak at the person playing these varying roles Oscar’s humanity and his numbness feels oddly satisfying,despite the character being cynical I didn’t find this film to be pessimistic as it really kept the energy and playfulness going,I suspect it would be fun to try to have ones own interpretation of it but just chilling with the flow forgoing any point of comprehension is super enjoyable as well,the Godzilla rampage and the whole chaotic hobo act was absolutely bonkers to watch,Leo Carax is insane and probably pretentious,but completely upending storytelling and artifice of life with much style and surprising heart were so fascinating I can’t look away❤️and also talking cars,motion capture monster hentai,seedy assassination of ones double,apes family🤯the WTF meter of this film is off the roof,Denis Lavant from Beau Travail gave his all,despite the premise and everything being so strange his performance was so enchanting and ironically grounded,it’s a cyclical job that he commits to every appointment(role) he has to do but you can feel he is falling apart,he feels like Sisyphus pushing the bolder up a hill with no end,great performance❤️this is probably my most fragmented review but I don’t have the brain power to write as thoughtfully as so many did but this 100% got me really excited for Annette,bring on the weird shit and vagina singing🔥🔥🔥😎

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